Our world needs knowledgeable, compassionate, and ethical citizens and leaders.


We work with our students and families to build a solid foundation for success. At Soundview, every child is a leader, empowered to make a positive difference. Our school community values diversity and safety. We honor how children really learn by encouraging curiosity, risk-taking, creation, and reflection.

The Soundview experience is grounded in five core beliefs:

international mindedness

Open-mindedness and respect for all people and perspectives is an important educational outcome. At Soundview, we use the International Baccalaureate (IB) framework for delivering an education that develops international mindedness in our students.

Social Justice

It’s our individual and collective responsibility to uphold and protect equity, fairness, and respect for diversity. Our curriculum and community-based activities help our students develop an understanding of the experiences and needs of others and the skills to take action.

environmental sustainability

As stewards of our environment, we need knowledge, compassion, collaboration skills, and resources. Whether in the classroom, Soundview forest, or garden, we connect students to Earth's resources and let them find out for themselves how they can be nourished and preserved for future generations.  

design Thinking

Design thinking enables creative solutions to complex problems. Students learn to use the design cycle to solve a range of problems from backpack bowling in the hallway to welcoming Syrian refugee families to our area.

multi-age learning 

Every child can be engaged and challenged by working with a diverse group of learners. That’s why we configure our school in multiage pods with flexible schedules and groupings that personalize the learning experience for each child.