Three Benefits of Cross Country Competitions

Despite the rain, our first cross country meet of the season was a great success! We had twelve runners compete in the first CYO preliminary meet, many of them setting personal bests on place or time. Our cross country team meets once a week to practice after school, with four competitions throughout the season. Here are three reasons cross country meets provide a special opportunity for our kindergarten through 8th grade students.


First, running keeps kids active! We run our hearts out at practice between warm ups, our training run, and lots of running games, but there is something about doing a dedicated long distance race with others their age that inspires students to really give it their all.

Second, cross country meets encourage students to work toward individual goals and personal bests. Students have the opportunity to track a variety of metrics: their place, their time, how much of the race they ran without walking, etc. Each runner has their own goal to work toward throughout the season.

Finally, meets provide an opportunity for us to come together as a school and parent community, but they also connect us with our independent school peers. Every parent, sibling, grandparent, and friend there cheers on all runners, not just their children or the other students from their school. 


If you would like to come cheer on the team, please join us at any of our remaining meets at Woodland Park in Seattle!

Preliminary #2 at 1:00pm on September 29th

K-3rd Ribbon Run at 2:30pm on October 6th

4th-8th Championship at 1:00pm on October 13th