Five Reasons To Come To Curriculum Night

Soundview’s curriculum is unique and special. Curriculum Night is your opportunity to learn more and experience it for yourself. Join us. 

The student experience at Soundview is rigorous, builds ethics, and develops compassion. Students have the safety, support, and space to become their best selves. They find the leader within. 

Our International Baccalaureate curriculum and multiage approach are unique and probably different than most of our past school experiences. 

Here are five reasons why you should attend Curriculum Night Wednesday or Thursday (or both). 

1. Child development is the foundation of our multiage approach. All children progress through similar developmental stages in a similar order. There are multiple domains of development, and children progress through them at very different rates. Come learn more.


2. The International Baccalaureate exceeds state and national standards. It’s also a very different approach than many of us are familiar with. Come learn more.


3. We’ll talk to you about who we are. It is the individual teacher who makes all the difference. We’ll share what inspires us to be educators, our experiences, and qualifications, in and out of the classroom.

4. Ever wonder about our Wonder Walls? We’ll explain how they work to document and drive the learning process for the class and individual students.


5. Your kids feel welcome. They love being at Soundview. We want you to feel the same. Join us!

Early Childhood through 5th grade Curriculum Night is this Wednesday at 6pm and starts in the Performing Arts Center. 

6th-8th grade Curriculum Night is this Thursday at 6pm and starts in the Performing Arts Center.