The Ten Essentials

Wilderness Survival campers learned and practiced using the ten essentials.

Each week, our summer camp students take on new challenges with a mini unit of inquiry. This week, our elementary campers are learning what they need to survive in the wilderness. Mr. Chuck introduced them to the ten essentials and the variety of forms they can take.


Throughout the week, they have learned how to navigate using compasses. They took on a variety of navigational challenges on campus. Today, we ventured to Hamlin Park in Shoreline to hike in an urban wilderness park. Mr. Chuck led us north and then gave students the opportunity to navigate back before lunchtime.


In addition to navigating, students also learned how to tie knots, make shelters from tarps, and build debris shelters in case they were ever without their shelter essentials. We all agreed that it would be much wiser to pack a lightweight tarp or other shelter than having to build a weatherproof shelter out of twigs and boughs.


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