My Community Project by Maddie K, Class of 2019


I’m Maddie Kreutz and for my eighth grade community project I am spreading awareness about climate change! Climate change is a progressing issue that that some choose to ignore or are aware but don’t do anything about it. There are quite a bit of people out in the world who actually do something about it, but it’s not enough. I have expressed a growing interest in climate change, and every since 4th grade so I have always been very passionate about this subject. Ever since I was nine and I learned about climate change, I was shocked and astounded. I couldn’t believe that people knew about this big issue and didn’t do much to stop it. Ever since then, I have been conducting a few projects relating to climate change, trying to spread awareness, but I felt that it wasn’t making a big difference. I felt like the audience of my projects just skimmed over my project and didn’t change their minds or do anything to stop it. I felt like I was just another kid with a cute project. I felt like I didn’t change any minds. I hope that my community project changes minds and makes people stop and think about climate change and I try to do something.

Some things that I have already done to spread awareness is speaking to different classrooms about what climate change is, what it does, and how they can stop it. I have also spoken at the Earth Day assembly on April 19th. I am currently working on posters to raise awareness as well as posting something to social media about climate change.

I hope that by June 6th, I have inspired kids, teachers, and parents to do something to stop climate change. It is important to mention that this project won’t be the end of my work relating to climate change, I am still very passionate about this subject and will definitely continue to spread awareness and personally help the Earth one day at a time!