Soundview's Board of Trustees Meeting

Soundview’s Board of Trustees met Monday to brainstorm our 2019/20 goals.

We reviewed this year’s committee work. The Committee on Trustees is prepared to onboard new trustees and provide professional development to the entire board next year. The Finance Committee is preparing to close out the school’s fiscal year in June.

We took a moment to celebrate the success of the Soundview Fundraising Luncheon. We are deeply grateful to Richard Nelson and Rachel Read for their leadership and vision in organizing the event. Save the date for 2020!

The bulk of the meeting was spent in a brainstorming session, considering progress in our three strategic priorities for the past few years:

  1. Invest in our campus

  2. Innovate our business model

  3. Programmatic excellence

After review, we considered Threats before Opportunities and Weaknesses before Strengths. What followed was a vibrant discussion about how we continue to move these priorities forward next year.

Chris will be reviewing the information gathered in the meeting and presenting a set of recommendations. The Executive Committee will consider these recommendations and present a proposed list of goals at the June meeting.

The next Soundview Board of Trustees meeting is the Annual Meeting to close out the 2018/19 school year and will be held on June 17th.