Asks From the Art Room


Wow! Hard to believe that we just kicked off our final units of the year, but it’s true! We are working on everything from famous art reproductions to creating reduction prints.

In the K-2 classes we are asking questions about habitats and hopefully starting next week we will be starting to design our very own ladybug habitats. First on the list is making our own plaster cast planters/pots to house our creations, which is where we need your help!

If you have any old plastic containers laying around such as large yogurt containers, cottage cheese containers, containers from dips any of these will be very helpful in our casting process!  Thank you!

Secondly the nominations for this years Edmond’s Art Festival have been submitted! I’m sure that if your own kiddo was chosen you have already heard the news but just in case;

Paul Castro-hand bound book “Bike Ride”

Coral Herrick- Wire sculpture Self Portrait

Canon Crozier- Wire Self Portrait

Leander Guthrie- Mosaic sculpture “Apple”

Kiana Mahaffey- Mosaic Sculpture “I-Pad”

Charlotte Fleming- “Easy Fork” product and packaging

Calvin Kim- Natural Dyed Batik

Ilias Santiago- Natural Dyed Batik

Jennifer Amezcua- “Invasion of the Aliens” comic book

Jack Kruetz- Self Portrait

Sydney Casperson- “Shallot” paper sculpture

Alison Sinclair- Photography Final

In addition to coming to see and support these young artists at Edmonds Art Festival each school is required to gather volunteers for the event. If you would love to help out any day from June 14-16th for a 3 hour shift of art fun please follow the link below and send me an email letting me know! Thank you!

Best, Stella