My Community Project by Aleks C., Class of 2019

Hi, my name is Aleks I’m one of the eighth graders at Soundview School. In this blog post I’ll be informing you about my community project. In an act to help homeless and food insecure children I have set out a lot of posters through the school and a donation bin. The bin is in the hallway between the office entrance and the door to the older kids playground, there is a poster and bright yellow arrow above it. All the collected donations will be given to an organization called Safe Place which is part of the Hand In Hand program in Everett they specialize in helping children whose parents were abusive or just didn't want them and cast them away.


Every poster around the school has the name of the organization we will be donating to along with some short captions of the stories from these unprivileged kids. It also contains a list of the most needed things in the charity however they accept clothes for infants to all ages of teens. Another thing you can help with is if you don’t think you have time to go shopping for clothes you can give gift cards and they will be used to purchase what the charity needs. I would really appreciate it if you could help me collect things for these kids, to most people receiving donated clothing isn’t all that special in fact a lot of us would probably just go buy something when we wanted it. That is not how these kids live, they can’t just go buy something when the other one breaks or has holes in it. They would love a donation of a shirt or pants and it could mean the world to them.


Safe Place lives of these donations but more importantly the kids live of these donations. Without kind and compassionate people like you donating to make a difference all the kids in this organization would be out on the street and there lives would be far more unfortunate. If they didn’t have anywhere that they could go they would end up homeless and then could end up  being part of the approximately 700 homeless people that die each year in our country alone. So please help me collect donations for the children to bring some new clothes and hopefully happiness into their life.