My Community Project by William S., Class of 2019


My goal for my community project is to help serve the homeless community. I want to do something active for my community project so I chose volunteer work. The goal I want is for homeless people to have enough food because everyone needs food to survive. My big goal is just to try to make a difference for homeless people getting enough food. What I want to do to help with that cause is to volunteer to help at a food bank. I am going to volunteer at the Trinity Lutheran Church. Why I wanted to do this as my community project, because I enjoyed volunteering when I was in 5th grade.

At my old school, in 5th grade we had to go to a foodbank and I really enjoyed it. A also have enjoyed working at Operation Sack Lunch with the rest of the 8th grade. We worked at kitchen and helped prepare food and serve it inside. Then we went outside and helped serve food to the homeless. I learned more about serving the homeless community and how to serve the food.