My Community Project by Nate B., Class of 2019


In my community project, I wanted to help the Soundview community. When deciding what I wanted to make my community project about, I wanted to leave something behind that people could remember me by. So, I came up with creating a fight song for Soundview. This could be played at assemblies, concerts, or any school gathering to get the Soundview spirit going. I have always liked musical composition, so this project will be fun for me, and it will help the community.

I have learned many things in classes that will help me with this project. The several musical composition units in band, march style pieces we have played, and even singing in the PYP music class will help tons with this project. Knowledge of the school, such as the dolphin mascot and ib learner profile traits will help with creating the lyrics, and will truly add school spirit into the song.

I used Noteflight to create the piece. I already have experience using this platform from the band units we have had, and was able to easily create the different parts with the program. One big bonus with using this platform instead of handwriting the parts is the easy way to transpose. I can write all of the parts in trumpet, then click the transpose button, and it changes to the intended instrument’s part.

I am super excited about showing off my piece, and it being able to be passed on from class to class. I feel very happy that I chose to write a piece, because I had a lot of fun making it. My hope is that it will be kept and become a tradition to be played at assemblies.