My Community Project by Charlotte S., Class of 2019


I’m Charlotte Sinclair, and I am an 8th grader at Soundview School. My community project is establishing a paper towel composting program at Soundview. I will be putting green bins in each classroom, and the students will put paper towels and pencil shavings in them to be composted here at school in out compost bin. The teachers can also empty coffee grounds in the compost as well. To see what impact this makes, I made a poster to collect data about how much we compost. Every time a student empties a bucket of paper towels into the compost bins, they make a tally mark on the poster in the section labeled with their pod group. This way, I can keep track of approximately how much we are stopping from going into the landfill. This project is centered around affecting the earth, and bettering our community. I really hope that the program can continue even when I graduate, so Soundview can continue to reduce what goes in the trash.