Help us build a tiny house for the homeless!


Our Project

Our Exhibition is specifically focused on homelessness and how it affects communities and relationships. We have researched how shelters function, why homelessness exists, and how we can prevent homelessness.  

I wanted to focus on homelessness because I wanted to help people and make them have a better place. When I little and first saw homeless people, I thought they were just pretending. My mom and dad explained to me that they aren’t pretending, and that homelessness is a big issue. As soon as I knew this, I wanted to help. I thought about how, and when I knew that 5th grade does Exhibition, I realized that I should focus on homelessness as my issue. (Nour)

When I saw homeless people on the streets, I had to look away because I was so sad. I have always been interested in it how I could help and so I decided to research it for my Exhibition project. (Lily)

We need your help!

For our action plan, Nour and I are working with the Low Income Housing Institute (LIHI) to make a tiny house that the homeless can live in. We are in the process of gathering people to help us build it. It comes in a kit that needs to be put together and then decorated on the inside. That’s where we need your help! If you don’t have time to help us build, you can still help us by donating money or old clothes, pillows, blankets, and stuffed animals.

Sign up sheets will be posted outside the main office soon.

You can also come to Exhibition on May 3rd to sign up and hear more about our project.


Nour and Lily