An Update from the Soundview Board of Trustees

During our April meeting, the Soundview Board of Trustees continued to prep for our fundraising gala, reflected on the 2018-2019 school year so far, and began working on goals for the 2019-2020 school year and beyond.

As trustees, we have been working hard to secure Soundview’s future as an exceptional, accessible, International Baccalaureate school that produces great outcomes for our students and benefits our neighborhood.

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Join us for this year’s fundraising gala: Gem and Jeans on May 18th. If you have any questions about the event, we’d love to talk with you about it.

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Reflection is the annual theme for our April board meetings. Across the school, our Board, Head of School, administrative team, faculty, and staff measure progress on the year’s goals and projects. Then we begin to set the course for next school year.

At last night’s meeting Chris Watson opened by presenting his Head’s Report detailing progress on the school’s major goals as identified by the Board last summer. This included (and see the links below):

  • An update on the classroom construction project Marketing and communications initiatives,
  • Enrollment planning for 2019-2020 (there is limited space in intermediate and middle school),
  • Administrative and curricular developments, like our work towards Primary Years Programme authorization,
  • and board growth and development.

Check out Chris’s video update on the new schoolhouse here.

Here’s link you can send and share with refer people you know that would be interested in learning more about Soundview.

Every April, Chris’ report also includes a summary of the Head Support and Evaluation Committee’s work. Chris and the committee meet throughout the winter and into the spring to identify current strengths, challenges, and recommendations for future goals.

Our Committee on Trustees is in charge of the ongoing growth and development of our volunteer board. This month we proposed a short list of candidates for future board service. In response to a recent committee meeting that included community members, we also proposed a draft of a Board Service Summary for comment and revision by the full board. This would be used to help prospective Trustees consider the time commitment and potential opportunity of volunteering for the Soundview School Board.

In the spirit of reflection, all trustees complete a 15-question standardized survey before the April meeting, in order to provide a strategic self-assessment of the Board’s effectiveness. The initial results of the survey were shared with discussion about how these results would be used to inform board goals for the following school year.

As new business, the Board reviewed the status of membership with NWAIS and had initial discussions about what next steps might be appropriate and when those steps should be taken.

The next Soundview Board of Trustees meeting is May 20th.