Dear Soundview Community, 

Although our engineer is still working with City of Lynnwood on our permit for installation of our new classrooms, the PUD's work has begun. A secondary transformer will be installed in the SE corner of campus, and an underground conduit will be used to bring power back to the gravel lot area. 

We found out this morning that this work begins tomorrow morning at 7am

We've been advised that the machinery and crew will not disrupt our usual morning drop-off routines. However, it will affect the availability of parking during drop-off times. Of course, we'll be ready for the unexpected. Here are some things to consider: 

  • The crews will use our gravel lot to park. Space in the gravel lot will be limited. Please park close together and consider other alternatives. 

  • There will be machinery out front near the tower and several parking spots will be in use by the crew. Parking near the tower will be limited or unavailable. Please consider using the gravel lot, rolling your drop off, or arriving at 8:45 to use our regular parking spots. 

  • In the case that either entry is unavailable during drop off times, look for rerouted cones. We do not anticipate this issue. 

This work is long awaited, so we're excited for it to get going. Thank you for your patience and flexibility tomorrow morning.