The PYP Exhibition is May 3rd!

If you haven’t already done so, you should mark your calendars for May 3rd, 2019. We are inviting the whole school community to be a part of this year’s 5th Grade Exhibition during First Friday.

The Exhibition is the culminating project of the PYP. It is a way for students to demonstrate and synthesize the variety of skills and knowledge that they have been developing throughout their journey at Soundview School. It is entirely student-led, which allows for maximum student voice, choice, and ownership over their learning. Students are asked to do many things throughout this process, ultimately ending with some form of action. They may decide to raise awareness, host protests, interview members of the community, or organize donation drives. The sky truly is the limit.

So far, groups have decided on their issue and have worked together to focus their inquiries by writing their own Central Idea and Lines of Inquiry.

Here are this year's Central Ideas and issues:

  • Homelessness affects communities and relationships

  • Pollution changes the environment in different ways

  • Deforestation impacts the balance between animal habitats and human living

Now it's time to begin research! As part of the research process, 5th graders are asked to use both primary and secondary sources, and a variety of both. Next week, our unit time will be focused solely around, “How will we find out?” They will begin their work to gather information, and plan their own field trips, interviews, experiments, and surveys.

We’re excited to get going and find out more!