The 5th Grade Exhibition: Come Share Your Passions And Help Us Get Provoked!

The 5th Graders are getting ready to start exploring some local or global issues that relate to the IB Transdisciplinary Theme of Sharing The Planet. For their Exhibition project, they will choose one issue of interest and design an entire Unit of Inquiry devoted to learning more about it and taking some local action!

To get our head’s spinning with ideas, we are inviting you in to share briefly about a passion of your own. No matter whether it’s cleaning up litter, minimizing your use of plastic, consciously buying palm oil free goods, marching for equality….ANYTHING….We want to hear it!

Reserve your spot!

Sign up for a 15-minute time slot during the week of February 11th - 15th.

The sign up sheet is located outside of the EC and Art Rooms, on the Intermediate display wall. Simply write your name next to your preferred time to give us head’s up, and then we’ll see you in the Manatee classroom!

You can also contact me directly at to reserve a spot.