Examining Soundview Library’s Supertool

Soundview students are learning how to use the “Book Look.” We call this the Supertool of the Library because it keeps our spot on the shelf when we’re browsing for books. You probably know this tool as a “shelf marker,” but Soundview students named it many years ago and Mrs. Stein can’t seem to call it anything but a Book Look.


Beginning in Primary Pod, we learn that every single book in the library has its own unique spot. Students have observed that if a book isn’t in its own spot, a person looking for a title might not be able to find it.

They practice how to use this Supertool each time they browse, whether it’s in class with Mrs. Stein, or at other times they use the Library spaces, such as in Playschool or Homework Club.


When Book Looks don’t get used, things like this can happen to the books in the library, and they have to be re-shelved (which can take awhile if there are too many),  so we’ll keep practicing and improving our skills with this important tool!