Interview with 2018 Chili Champion Bluesette Copeland

Tell us how you discovered your chili recipe?

I found a few recipes online that looked interesting and I combined them.

How long have you been working on your recipe?

That was my 2nd year working on that recipe.

What's the most important thing when making chili?

Make sure it is seasoned properly and let it cook low and slow.

Do you have a secret ingredient?

High quality dark chocolate

Does your chili have a name?

Ancho Chocolate Chili

Are you tweaking your recipe this year or sticking with what worked last year?

I, unfortunately, can’t enter this year.  I recently found out that I am intolerant to tomatoes and beans, which makes tasting chili really difficult.

Anything else you want to share?

Come with an empty stomach!

Folks, it sounds like we will have a wide open field for the title of Chili Champion this year! Will it be you?  We still have plenty of space for sign-ups, so please visit our sign-up sheet by Thursday, January 24 and let us know you are coming.