Meet Dotty the Doodle!

Dotty is a one-year old Australian Labradoodle who serves our community as a therapy dog. She is kind and loving and works wonders to help children when they are sad, anxious, or frustrated. She is currently being certified through the American Kennel Club as a Canine Good Citizen, where she is learning the “gold standard of behavior for dogs.” As an Australian Labradoodle, she does not shed and therefore is safer than other breeds for allergy and asthma suffers.


Dotty will be on campus periodically throughout the year. She was introduced to the students at our September community assembly. Dotty will always be on a leash handled by an adult, so students can decide if and when to approach her. No students are obligated to interact with Dotty. If they do want to interact with her, there are some simple guidelines.  When on campus, she wears a reversible bandana. When her bandana is green, that means it’s a go to interact with her. If it is blue, that means Dotty is taking a break to rest and re-energize. When she’s ready to help again, her human will flip the bandana back to green.

If you see Dotty on campus while her bandana is green, feel free to introduce yourself by letting her sniff your hand. Just be warned, she may kiss you!