Dear Soundview Family,

Something wonderful is happening at Soundview School. We are building a stronger Soundview family and a stronger relationship with our neighborhood.

We know that every child deserves a great education. We know that every child deserves a safe place to grow to their full potential. We also know that Soundview provides both of these things.


Access to an independent school education can be  a struggle for many families. We think that Soundview can help. Beginning next school year, we will lower our tuition for all our students so that more families in our neighborhood have access to the Soundview experience.

  • Middle School tuition will be capped at $14,850

  • Intermediate and Primary tuition will be capped at $13,750

  • Early Childhood tuition will be capped at $11,450.

I understand that there will be lots of questions about the lower tuition. Please contact your teachers or any of the administrative staff. They are eager to answer your questions. If there is something we don’t know, we will say so and promise to get an answer to you just as soon as we can.

As always, you are welcome to contact Chris Watson, Head of School, at cwatson@soundview.org or (425) 778-8572.


Liz Smith, President

Soundview Board of Trustees

P.S. Join us on the evening of Dec 18 and hear about the strategic financial planning that our Board of Trustees has done for the last few years to enable this exciting change.