Asks From the Art Room

We have a few new projects coming up in art that could really use your help!

If you are able to donate any of the items listed below please drop them by the art room ASAP!

Anything that isn’t used will be donated.

Old Fashion Items!

Next week our 7th and 8th grade class will be kicking off their unit Shape and Form by diving into a “Project Runway” like challenge. Each group will be given a bag of random articles of clothing and asked to create a new piece of clothing using at least one element from each item.

This being said we would love some of your old “fashion items” to go into this bag. Think the weirder the better! This can be anything from old shoes, 80’s dresses with shoulder pads, baby clothes and everything in between!

Old Crock Pot!

For our second unit in the intermediate pod we will be collaborating with the home room unit on Chemistry and using our knowledge of chemical reactions to help us better understand the process of natural dyes and batik making. To create batik fabric we will be using the traditional method of melted wax to create our designs so we are in need of a crockpot (please know that this is a permanent donation to the art room). Email in advance if you are bringing one in so we don’t end up with 7! (

Thank you! And feel free to email with any additional questions!