Even More After School Activities!

Most of our winter after school activities begin next week, but a few start in January. All of these classes are currently enrolling and are open to the public. Register online at https://www.soundview.org/registration. If you have any questions, please reach out to Molly Bozarth at mbozarth@soundview.org or 425-778-8572.


Nature Spa led by Elizabeth Sokol, Community Nature Programs

Open to kindergarten-8th grade students (Ages 5-14)

Mondays 3:45-4:45 PM


In this hands-on class, students learn how to make body scrubs, eye pillows, bath bombs, lip balm and other self-care products using all natural ingredients. Over the course of the class, we’ll discover the joy of making wholesome products with safe and nourishing ingredients. Students will bring home their handmade goods in containers they design themselves. They’ll also receive the recipes for their creations so they’ll be able to make more products and share what they’ve learned with others. Come experience the fun and excitement of DIY self-care!


Executive Function led by Anita Watson, Hallowell Todaro Center

Open to 6th-8th grade students (Ages 11-14)

Mondays 4:00-5:00PM


The Hallowell Todaro Center is happy to partner with Soundview School again this year in supporting middle school students as they develop and target their executive function skills. This after school group is reserved for students in 6th-8th grade and will include personal learning assessments, executive functioning and brain development curriculum, and time for additional support with schoolwork and homework. The group will focus on developing goals and building habits, specifically related to organization, planning, time management, working memory, and emotional regulation. The overall goal is for students to learn more about who they are, how their brains work, and to have time and space for work.


Story-Based Yoga, Hot Yoga of Mill Creek

Open to early childhood-1st grade students (Ages 3-7)

Tuesdays 3:45-4:15PM


Story-based yoga gives early childhood, kindergarten, and first grade students the opportunity to explore yoga through fun and relatable stories. During each 30-minute class, they will focus on a new theme as they learn to make and hold a variety of poses. Yoga helps develop coordination, flexibility, and strength while helping students release their energy in a fun and safe environment. They can laugh and marvel as they increase their skill and sense of achievement.

Yoga, Hot Yoga of Mill Creek

Open to 2nd-8th grade students (Ages 7-14)

Tuesdays 4:15-5:15PM


Yoga is the perfect physical activity for those looking to develop coordination, flexibility, and strength. Students build confidence and a sense of achievement as they master increasingly challenging poses. Each lesson will give them an opportunity to slow down, chill out, and work their muscles in a safe, comfortable environment. Whether you’re brand new or an experienced yogi, you can benefit from our weekly yoga classes for a fun, challenging workout.


Enchanted Adventures, Village Theatre KIDSTAGE

Open to early childhood-kindergarten students (Ages 3-6)

Mondays 3:45-4:45PM


Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo! Bring your favorite fairy tale characters to life in this magical class featuring theatre games, creative storytelling, and crafts. Exploratory Acting classes provide literature-based drama activities that promote literacy comprehension, confidence, collaboration, and creativity.

Intergalactic Adventures, Village Theatre KIDSTAGE

Open to 1st-5th grade students (Ages 6-11)

Tuesdays 3:45-4:45PM


“To infinity, and beyond!” Develop new space-adventure stories and heroic characters using our limitless imaginations. Begin working with theatrical texts as a team to determine plot points, character goals and tactics. Students will expand valuable life skills such as ensemble building, self-confidence, and problem-solving, while developing their capacities as actors, creators, and collaborators in an atmosphere that encourages commitment and taking creative risks in a safe environment.


Little Coders, Coding with Kids

Open to kindergarten-2nd grade students (Ages 5-8)

Wednesdays 3:45-4:45 pm


Get them started early! The Little Coders class provides young students with the basics of computational thinking skills, such as loops and conditionals, through a fun blend of hands-on activities. The curriculum is built specifically for this age group, with a mix of activities from coding puzzles and board games to easy-to-use, drag-and-drop programming tools.

Game Development, Coding with Kids

Open to 3rd-5th grade students (Ages 8-11)

Wednesdays 3:45-4:45 pm


This course introduces kids to computer programming through the fun and excitement of building video games. Working in Scratch, a drag-and-drop programming tool, students will create everything from animations to multi-level games. Beginner Students will learn the core concepts of programming a game, such as loops, conditionals, and variables. Intermediate Students will level-up to more complex concepts, like nested conditionals and functions with parameters.