Making Learning Real: Fall Project Night


On Thursday, December 6th we’d love to invite you and your children to Fall Project Night at 6:00 pm! After a kickoff in the PAC, you’re invited to explore all the classrooms with your children as your guide, and experience the amazing work we’ve done this past trimester.


So why do we do Project Night? Sure, we love showing off our work, and it’s a useful way to let parents know precisely what’s going on in the classroom, but like all things at Soundview it revolves around what’s best for students. Ron Berger, noted educator and Chief Education Officer at Expeditionary Learning Education believes in the power of an authentic audience in order to build an ethic of excellence in schools. So much of what is traditionally asked of children in the classroom is for an audience of one: the teacher. At Soundview, we strongly believe that we should be preparing students for life outside (and after) Soundview, and one way we do that is through an expectation of creating and curating their work for a wider audience. As adults we are constantly creating content for audiences of strangers, and Project Night allows us to help simulate this experience for your children in a safe, supportive environment. Also, when students know they will be presenting their projects, they rise to the occasion to produce their best work.

So, please join us on December 6th at 6:00 in the PAC!