An important announcement from Soundview's Head of School, Chris Watson

Dear Soundview,

I am very pleased to share that I have made my donation to the Soundview Giving Campaign 2018: You Can Do This.

My gift to this campaign is an investment in Soundview's future--a future that I believe in.

Soundview Staff 2018-112 (2).jpg

I have made my personal and professional commitment to Soundview's future. I will be here next year and the year after and for years to come, helping you make sure that our children become tomorrow's leaders. That is the Soundview mission.

My gift also means that I believe in what we can accomplish.

If we come together, if we support each other, we can do this. We can provide the foundation our families need to continue the Soundview tradition of making sure that every family has the support they need.

This is your time. Give to the Soundview Giving Campaign 2018. Every single dollar counts.

You can do this.


Chris Watson, Head of School

Click HERE to give.