Curious About Conferences


At 8am on Thursday, November 1st, Soundview will be a whole lot quieter than normal. That’s because students, parents, and teachers will be meeting in their classrooms to set goals, celebrate successes, and chart the way forward for the year.

There are two kinds of conferences at Soundview: Parent-Teacher, and Student-led. For our children in Early Childhood through 3rd Grade, the parents and teachers will meet alone. Our 4th through 8th grade conferences are student-led, giving your children the opportunity to highlight and showcase their strengths and reflect on what can be improved. These experiences build the communication skills vital to success in later in life and increase your child’s engagement and ownership over their own learning.

So what can you do to support your children in these conferences? Be fully present, engage with the work that’s presented to you, and remember that education is a partnership between parent and teacher in support of the growth and development of your child.