New Wave: Soundview’s Newsletter (and more)

So, here we go! A new adventure. We have redesigned our website and made quite a few changes. The biggest one you will notice is the Soundview blog has been renamed The Current. The other big change we made was to our newsletter, now renamed New Wave.

We have added some great features to New Wave that we hope you will enjoy. The biggest change is that New Wave is all on-line. No attachments will be sent to you via email. We will notify you by email when there is a new edition of New Wave ready for you. All you will have to do is click the link. New Wave has all the features you enjoyed in the old newsletter: the monthly calendar, a page for the Soundview Parent and Guardian Association, and reminders about upcoming events. There are handy links for all these at the New Wave--just click and print for a copy you can post on the ‘fridge.

Here are the links:

Newsletter, New Wave:

Blog, The Current:

Soundview home page: