Primary Ponderings

During conferences, we shared your child’s personal goals with you. Last week, we revisited those goals and have turned them into a visual display in the hallway. Each student will have the opportunity to check in with their goals over our remaining 22 days together. Come check out how this garden of amazing kids is growing!


Our current Unit of Inquiry is all about Animal Adaptations. We began by learning how animals are classified. We are digging into the classes of vertebrate animals. Today we looked closer to learn what characteristics make mammals special. Each day this week, we will focus on a different animal group and begin to dive into the note taking and research of a special chosen animal.


In math, all students are currently learning and practicing how to read the hands on a clock. As we wrap up this area of study, students will be looking at the clocks they created and recording the time shown.

Ask me about…

  • the flowers growing on our bulletin board that show off our personal goals,

  • what makes mammals special, and

  • what the hands on the clock look like at 3:30.