Primary Ponderings

Ask me about May 16…

14 days left… WHAT!?!? We’ve got so much learning happening in these last few weeks! There are two field trips, an Arts Walk, Field Day, and more. Keep checking your email for information about our special events. Also, check your child’s bag today for the final book order of the year and information from Ms Higgins about the song(s) they will be performing soon as well as props they need for the show.


MATH UPDATE: All students have been exploring time and learning how to read an analog clock. Have them show you what they’re learned as we wrap up this unit. We will spend the last weeks of school revisiting addition and subtraction skills and learning about fractions.


SCIENCE and LITERACY CONNECTION: In Unit of Inquiry, your child has chosen a specific animal to research. They will create a research portfolio that collects the information about their specific creature. Students will present their research projects as the culmination of our final unit of the year. Together we have explored vertebrates and spent today digging into information on invertebrates.

Ask me about…

  • the animal I am researching,

  • what makes invertebrates special, and

  • the birthday we celebrated today.