Primary Ponderings

As a part of our unit on Problem Solving, your children have been working in small groups to solve problems using the Problem Solving Loop. Some interesting reflections that have come up include: groups of two seem to work the best for our class, it is important to listen to each other, there are multiple ways to solve a problem, and being flexible is very important.


Yesterday, we had a classroom parent come in and share Speed Stacking with the class. It was fun for our class to make connections between this new activity and their learning on Problem Solving. Students learned that it takes time and practice to learn a new skill. They also practiced perseverance when the learning seemed challenging.  


Just before the break, we learned that even young kids can make a difference with big problems. As a group, we brainstormed some of the many big problems of our world. The problems that students mentioned ranged from a variety of natural disasters to gender equality, weapons, pollution, and more. It is amazing to hear your children’s thoughts and see them think through what impact they could make.    


Ask me about…

  • what problem I wrote about in my learning log,

  • Speed Stacking, and

  • my favorite group challenge.