Primary Ponderings

We are wrapping up our current unit of inquiry. It has been fascinating to see the direction this unit has taken us. Our class focused on “how to make the world more awesome.” They asked if kids can solve big problems, if problem solving can fix big problems, and more. Today, one of our kindergarten students pointed out that we can keep learning about solving problems even if we move on to another unit. We can keep asking questions!!


Earlier this week, one of our MYP buddies asked for our help with her Declamation Project in which she is asking the entire school to cut down on waste by composting the paper towels we use and to try to use just one paper towel when drying our hands. We’re starting to build the habit and watching the load in our trash cans shrink!


For our final BIG PROBLEM challenge, students learned about people with low access to clean, safe drinking water. After viewing a short video on water wells, students worked in small teams to design their own water well using a set kit of materials. After planning and building, they presented their projects and reflected on their project as well as their participation.


Ask me about…

  • if my BIG QUESTION has been answered,
  • how we’re helping one of our middle school friends to reduce waste, and
  • how I helped my team build a water well.