Primary Ponderings

So much has happened since our last blog!  From going to see the play last week, to celebrating a half-birthday, to celebrating the 100th day, to all the fun we have in a regular day - we have been seriously growing our brains!  We have had a lot of student visitors and we’re incredibly proud of how your children have welcomed them. Now we’re back into our regular routines and are revisiting expectations and procedures.

030619_maggie_holloway_graphic_a (1).JPG
030619_maggie_holloway_graphic_b (1).jpg
030619_maggie_holloway_graphic_c (1).jpg

Our current unit on Simple Machines is almost wrapped up.  We hope you are able to make it to Project Night to see and experience some of the simple machine activities we have explored and get your hands on the book that your child worked so hard to create.

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Ask me about…

  • a guest student who has visited our class,

  • our 100th Day parade, and

  • my Rube Goldberg machine drawing.