Primary Ponderings

It was a short day, but it was packed with energy, fun, and greeting a new classmate! We began the day by hearing all about the Super Bowl parties, the snow fights, the sledding, and the many cups of hot chocolate that were consumed over the past few snowy days. It sounded like you all made the most of the extra family time!


Toward the end of our day, we dug into our Simple Machines unit and were exploring how simple machines help us explore, work, survive, and adapt to the world around us. The simple machine we focused on today was the lever. We did a quick search around the room for examples of levers before making our own catapults and testing them out. Just before heading out to recess, we had a final Storm the Castle game in which we had fun flinging marshmallows across the room.


Ask me about…

  • my lever experiment,

  • the new student who joined our class today, and

  • something I learned in Spanish or Art.