Primary Ponderings

Happy Valentine’s Day!  We began our day by finishing the engineering of our Valentine mailboxes.  Your child was challenged to incorporate a simple machine into their design and we saw a variety of ramps, levers, and wheel and axle.  There were attempts to add in pulleys and we realized that there is some confusion about this simple machine. We will be spending some time in the near future focusing on the clarification of how this simple machine works.


They were incredibly excited to share their Valentines with each other.  A huge thank you to all the parents (and former parent) who helped plan and execute the sweet class celebration.


Ask me about…

  • the celebration for Valentine’s Day,

  • the mailbox I brought home today, and

  • to whom I want to dedicate my storybook.

P.S. We are still collecting recycled materials for our simple machine projects. Thank you for your contributions!