Growing Readers in the Primary Years

It is a treat each week to hear which books and ideas excite our Primary students the most. This month’s circulation stats indicate that funny picture books, wordless picture books, and books with puppies on the cover were the top books to circulate from our library. Next up we might see a big surge in books about friendship stories, robots, structures, and bugs leave the shelves.


Giving students choice in the books they read is one sure way to grow lifelong readers. One way to do that is to help them connect with the creators of their favorite books.

I had the recent pleasure of attending the first ever Seattle Children’s Book Festival. The Seattle Children’s Book Festival serves as a non-profit connecting young readers with authors, illustrators, and their books.  

The event was packed. We watched illustrators create magical monsters with the help of kids, heard panelists share stories and advice about writing for and with children, and met our favorite creators.

I even ran into one of our own Soundview Primary Students at the festival. She was one of many young people there, and my memory of that day will be of all the artists and authors engaging with their fans, and how many smiling young faces I saw as kids talked to their favorite authors and connected over beloved stories and characters.