Primary Ponderings

Our new Literacy groups have been established and we even have two new rotations!  When your child arrives at the Techno Time center, then don a pair of headphones and explore Starfall on a laptop computer.  When they get to the Word Work station, they practice writing high frequency words. The first option they were introduced to at this center was Rainbow Write in which they write a high frequency word from their Writer’s Office in crayon.  They then trace over that word with four different colors. The challenge is to see how many words they can write in the time they have at that station.


The new Unit of Inquiry was introduced today with an exploration into what constitutes a Simple Machine.  Students rotated around the room and investigated a different set of pictures at each table. The sets all had something in common.  When a group realized what the commonality was, they all jumped up and let the class know what they had discovered. It was a lot of fun to watch them work as teams to figure out the simple machine riddles.


At the end of the day, Ms Sheila returned to visit the class with her set of puppets and the story she has been writing.  It was a treat to see the progress she has made on her own story. Many of our classmates gave her feedback about what they noticed and what they enjoyed.


Ask me about…

  • my new Literacy group and the rotations I have tried,

  • an example of a simple machine, and

  • Ms. Sheila’s story about Charlie and what is new about the character Matilda.