Primary Ponderings

We had another FUN Friday!  After a week full of writing, we shifted gears and started today by practicing our sportsmanship through game play.  Earlier in the week, most mornings were spent taking our personal narrative stories through the writing process. Each member of the Primary Pod has planned and drafted, many are revising and editing, and a few are even ready to publish!!


Next Friday, our kindergarten students will take their turn leading the all school assembly.  Students will either have a speaking part or act out what it means to be a communicator.


The day ended with a fun celebration for a friend’s birthday.


Next week we will begin digging into our next unit of inquiry: SIMPLE MACHINES.  Please send in those paper tubes you’ve been collecting!


Ask me about…

  • my visit with our Learning Buddies,

  • our friend’s birthday celebration, and

  • how close I am to publishing my book.