Primary Ponderings

Happy Friday!  Today we started off with an MLK, Jr. assembly.  Our middle school friends talked about the civil rights march in Montgomery, Alabama and Rosa Parks, as they educated us on the life of Martin Luther King, Jr.  They also discussed with us what it means to be principled while they jumped back and forth between the stage and their spots with the school band.


Much of our day was devoted to writing the first drafts of our Personal Narrative stories.  Students used a combination of pictures and words to express their ideas. When they were finished working on their small moment stories, they used their imagination to act out a play in the puppet theater, told stories using the Story Cubes, or wrote a fiction story in a small blank book.


The day ended with a fun celebration for a friend’s half birthday.


Over this long weekend, please begin collecting tubes of all sizes and materials to help us gear up for our next unit in which we will be experimenting with and learning about simple machines.

Ask me about…

  • the assembly the middle school students hosted this morning,

  • what my first draft looks like, and

  • the half birthday we celebrated this afternoon.