Primary Ponderings

The story that your child is creating is working its way through the writing process!  The brainstorm began on Monday, followed by Story Board planning yesterday, and today… we focused on an opening hook to catch the reader’s attention and make them want to read more.   


We were lucky to have a guest student visit our class today!  Your child was an awesome ambassador and showed our visitor what the Soundview experience is all about.  We were flexible, caring, inquiring, risk-takers who celebrated each moment of our special day.


As an extra special treat, we had a guest reader at the end of our day.  We all love hearing stories, but it’s extra special when the reader is one of our classroom parents.


Ask me about…

  • my story and how I want to hook the reader,

  • the guest student who visited our class today, and

  • a Big Question from the Wonder Wall that we have already figured out an answer for.