Primary Ponderings

Ask me about…

  • apples,

  • our new literacy center, and

  • the mobile we made in Art.


Today is Johnny Appleseed’s birthday, so apples were on the mind as we started our day.  We surveyed our favorite ways to enjoy apples. (Cider was an overwhelming favorite!) The younger students sorted and graphed apples during math.


We are excited to begin using our new listening center and walked through how to take care of our new tools so they last a very long time.  The listening center will be a part of our literacy rotations. The rotations also include writing, read to self, read with someone, word work, guided reading, and handwriting.

If you’re on campus soon, you should walk down the hallway by the PAC and enjoy the photos and mobiles your children created with Ms. Stella in Art.  The Primary children were introduced to Alexander Calder, the element of shape, and the design principle of balance. They are very proud of their work