Primary Ponderings

What an amazing first week of school!  The week was short, but mighty, as we established classroom routines, made and rekindled friendships, and learned more about the flow of the Primary Pod.  At the end of each day, we take time to reflect on the highlights of each day.

Last week, the highlight that popped up most often was making new friends.  Students enjoyed opportunities to play together during active centers and recess.  It was also fun to see them socialize during snack and lunch times. We will continue to get to know each other throughout the year and build even deeper connections.  


Other highlights included meeting our specialists and getting into the library for our first book check-out.  We welcomed Mr. Chuck as our Physical Education teacher. Most of our classes with him will take place outside rain or shine.  You are welcome to keep a rain jacket and a change of shoes at school for use as needed. We hope you had a chance to read together over the weekend and saw the book your child brought home from our library on Friday.  Please make sure to return those books by Friday morning so your child may explore the collection and take home a new book.


As we’ve been getting to know each other, we’ve also created self portraits inspired by the Canadian artist, Sandra Silberzweig.  Her portraits are created with bold color and design due to the special way she sees the world. Her brain is wired to see things with a fluorescent glow because of her synesthesia.  Student artwork will be on display in the hallway when you come for Curriculum Night this Wednesday at 6pm.

Ask your child about…

  • their book tub and

  • the yellow paper in their backpack.