Primary Ponderings

Happy December! With the new month came a new student and new table groups. Each table group worked as a team to create a logo that represented them. The logos will hang above tables to help identify their team.


In literacy, we revisited our Read to Someone and Read to Self routines and practiced building stamina by reading for a sustained period of time. When it was time to transition to specialist classes, several students exclaimed that they wanted to keep reading!


In math, younger students applied what they learned about 2-D shapes and went on a shape hunt around the school. They were excited to find shapes all around them! Students even found shapes within shapes. Older students met in small math groups and played number bond and numeracy math games.


Ask me about…

  • my table team’s logo,

  • why it is important to build reading stamina, and

  • the kindergarten shape hunt or 1-2 number bond practice.