Storytelling with Imagination

Long, long ago…  well at least in the young minds of the primary pod students, we started a new trimester. This trimester we’ve begun each P.E. class with storytelling, and then playing a game inspired by the tales told. Many of the stories are rooted in traditional First Peoples’ spoken word stories. Those being stories explaining how things came to be the way they are today.

The art of storytelling is possibly one of the oldest forms of expression and entertainment. A good storyteller can captivate an audience in ways few other mediums can. They can inspire imagination and bring out emotions just with their words. Lucky for me the primary pod students have great imaginations, and I don’t have to be a great storyteller. So, if your child comes home asking about strange far fetched tales, it’s probably from one of the stories they heard in P.E. class.

122018_chuck_janovick_graphic (1).jpg

Once a story has been told we all play a game related to the story in someway. For example, I told a story about three brave mice that stole Fox’s whiskers and the mice were eventually saved by a magic Douglas Fir. Then we played the game, “What Time is it Mr. Fox?”

I have also asked the students to share stories, provided they aren’t too long. As you might expect,  we’ve had some very creative tales. It has been incredibly entertaining and as we are moving into full Holiday mode I would encourage families to take some time to slow things down and share some more stories over the break.