Primary Ponderings

It’s hard to believe 2018 is coming to a close.  Luckily, our school year is still in motion. In our last few days together this year, we are digging deeper into Storytelling.  Today we started with telling stories in Weekend News and then hearing what each other had written. Looking at the illustrations and guessing who had written which story were especially fun.  Later in the day, we revisited the burning questions our friends had all written. This sparked a whole new set of questions! After posting most of those questions on the Wonder Wall, we spent some time getting lost in the classroom library.


This Thursday, the whole school is celebrating the holiday season with mug decorating, drinking cocoa, and enjoying a movie.  Students are all invited to wear their pjs and be cozy for the day. The Parent Association is looking for a few more volunteers.  So, if you’re available and want to help, please contact one of our Primary Pod Room Parents.


Tuesday night is the State of the School meeting.  Please come to school to nosh on some pizza and hear about the exciting things happening in Soundview’s future!  The meeting is set for 7-9pm. We hope you’re able to be there!


Ask me about…

  • something one of my friends did over the weekend,

  • the sculpture I brought home today from Art, and

  • some interesting questions that were posted on our Wonder Wall.