Primary Ponderings

Part of being a good friend is being able to read your friend’s body language so that you can respond in a caring way.  Yesterday we brainstormed a long list of feelings and began the task of showing what those emotions could look like. Take a look at the photos and see if you can guess what these faces are telling you.

112918_maggie_holloway_graphic_a.jpg (1).JPG

Can you tell which child is joyful, sleepy, excited, and lonely?

One thing that got us extra excited today was showing off our school and classroom community to a guest student.  Every Primary child came up with a way to make this day special for our new friend.

Ask me about…

  • The Giving Tree and how each character was a friend,

  • the emotion I chose to exemplify for the class feelings poster, and

  • how I was a friend to our guest student.