Primary Ponderings

Golly! It was a super day in the Primary Pod!  We started our day off with Sportsmanship Friday, rolled into Grandparents and Special Friends Day, and ended with a 50th day of school celebration.  The room was full of happy smiles from the start, but it was especially wonderful when so many of the special people from our extended families walked through the door.  We had snacks, did crafts, toured the school, read books together, and even had a couple breaks for dance parties.


After our loved ones left, we enjoyed a few calm moments including hearing a story about a donut who doesn’t realize that donuts are made for eating, discussing the fine art of blowing bubbles with bubble gum, doing some fun number activities all to do with the number 50, and then ending our day with banana themed yoga.


It was definitely a day we won’t soon forget!  Thank you to all the parents who helped us make Grandparents and Special Friends Day an amazing success!


Ask me about…

  • the activities I did with my guests or friends this morning,

  • Artie the Donut, and

  • one of the ways I celebrated the 50th day.