Primary Ponderings

Today practically flew by!  Thank you all for sending your child in ready for the day and the weather.  This morning, we explored number bonds by “spilling the beans” and, after counting the total, sorted the beans into red vs yellow to reveal two parts that make that whole number.  We will continue to practice this concept off and on throughout the year.

Our children are spending a lot of time with books!  It has been such a treat to see how much they have already grown as readers.  Their love for listening, reading, and sharing stories is even starting to creep into their writing.  They have enjoyed writing kind messages and delivering them to their classroom friends as well as their adult friends throughout the school.


Thank you to our guest reader!  That book on crayons was such a hit!


Ask me about…

  • number bonds,

  • a book I read in class, and

  • our guest reader.