Primary Ponderings

We hope you all had a wonderful long weekend as a family. We heard about many exciting vacations as well as fun times at home. Today’s highlights included sharing about our weekend adventures, reading and discussing the amazing book We Are All Wonders, and going for a leaf walk around the school campus. We collected leaves in all shapes, sizes, and colors to use in an art project later this week. Several students shared their Recipe for Friendship with the class. We’re looking forward to reading more recipes tomorrow!


Grandparents and Special Friends Day is on Friday. We’re excited to host your special guest(s). Here are a few logistics about the morning:

10:00-10:15 Arrive in the Performing Arts Center

10:15 Welcome from our Head of School

10:20 Concert band performance

10:30-12:00 Time in classrooms


Ask me about…

  • my neighbor’s weekend news,

  • what makes me a “wonder,” and

  • the ingredients for friendship.