Primary Ponderings

This week we discussed what it means to be a risk taker, our Soundview trait of the month. Several students mentioned that being a risk taker means trying new things. We decided to make applesauce in class and be risk takers by tasting our AWESOME SAUCE! Most students found it quite tasty! We also talked about “yum yucking.” Yucking someone’s yum means hurting feelings by saying something bad about what someone likes. We decided that, even if we didn’t like the applesauce, we wouldn’t say, “Yuck!” Instead we could say, “It is not for me.”

Your child brought home a Primary Pod News Flash today that is printed on bright green paper. On it you will find details about our first field trip as well as materials that you can send in to help us make toys in the classroom.

Ask me about…

  • the awesome applesauce that we made,

  • the green paper that I brought home in my backpack, and

  • what toys I can make from recycled and reused materials.