Primary Ponderings

Wow!!  What a fun, energy filled day we had at the Imagine Children’s Museum!  Our first field trip of the year was a wonderful success even though Ms. Kirsten wasn’t able to join us.  We’ll have so many things to share with her next week! Huge thanks go to the awesome parents that joined us today.  There is no way we could have had this experience without you all! From water play to designing pictures for NASA, driving airplanes and busses to building houses, and being wild animal veterinarians to constructing houses, there wasn’t much sitting still.  

Before your child collapses tonight, ask them about…

  • a toy or game that stood out to them at the museum,

  • what made that thing or activity so special, and

  • did anything they saw today influence any changes they might want to make to the toy they designed yesterday.