Primary Ponderings

It has been such a full week!  We’ve changed gears a little bit in the mornings by spending more time with Brain Stretching through a variety of centers across both classrooms.  Students are painting, sculpting, building, and imagining. We are pulling small groups for math throughout this time.


During our Unit time yesterday, we looked closer at a popular toy that was mentioned by several students when they shared their “burning questions” about toys and games.  Legos have captured the attention of so many of our friends that we found and watched a short history of how they came to be. Afterward, we thought deeper about the Lego questions on our Wonder Wall and used the information we learned to answer those questions.  It was especially fun to see the follow up questions that research provoked.


Ask me about…

  • what center(s) I used this morning,  

  • what I learned about Legos, and

  • my plan for the toy I want to make.